In 1996, our parent company, Flexcin International Inc., began research and development in the area of arthritis/joint pain and the efficacy of natural supplementation. Our goal was to produce an all-natural joint care supplement that was comprehensive (thereby effective), devoid of side effects and affordable.

After 3 years of research, formulation and testing, Flexcin with CM8® was introduced in capsule form as an all-natural joint care solution for people. Flexcin with CM8® was marketed both directly to consumers as well as through independently owned health food stores and chiropractic clinics. The results were even better than expected.

Users quickly began to share their success stories with us. In fact, Flexcin worked so well that many of our customers had resorted to a variety of methods to administer Flexcin capsules to their ailing pets. Whether dipped in peanut butter or wrapped in cheese, Flexcin was improving the lives of pets (and people) across the country. In 2005, in response to customer requests, we created a chewable joint support tablet for pets called FlexPet with CM8® that is both palatable and easy to administer.

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